About Me

Why so many questions? That’s a question I’ve been asked my whole life.  The main reason is that I just find the world interesting — especially when it comes to people, cultures, and groups.

I am a Strategist and co-owner of a Digital Video Production company, Culture of Creativity, by title, and a people loving, curious nomad in spirit, and mother of the most wonderful mini-me by heart.

My path to strategy was not a straight one. I studied at Stanford University, where I received my BA in Psychology and my MA in Latin American Studies. After Stanford, I worked with New Heights Youth, a community nonprofit in New York City, and eatbigfish, a marketing consultancy in the UK, which opened my eyes to the world of advertising and strategy. Most recently I have joined forces with my creative partner to produce branded content which encourages people to build their own dream, and partner with organizations that believe the same. I continued to hone my strategy background by studying Strategy & Planning at the Miami Ad School Toronto and now look to practice Strategy at a more national and international level.

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